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The Bad Nun (2018)
  • Release year: 2018
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • Country: UK
  • Language: English
  • Runime: 97
  • Director: Scott Jeffrey
  • Stars: Becca Hirani, Tiffany-Ellen Robinson, Lucy Chappell, ...
  • The Bad Nun (2018) full movie online free 123movies: Based on true events. Aesha goes to an isolated b&b in Kent after her mom books her in so she can get some head space for her studies. In the night Aesha is visited by a nun at the door who will progressively begin to show her true colours as the night unfolds - As the nun continues to bother Aesha at the door, Aesha begins to question her surroundings in this isolated suspense horror.

The Bad Nun full movie online

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