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Dead for a Dollar (2022)
  • Release year: 2022
  • Genre: Thriller, Western
  • Country: Canada, USA
  • Language: English
  • Runime: 114 min.
  • Director: Walter Hill
  • Stars: Rachel Brosnahan, Willem Dafoe, Christoph Waltz, ...
  • Dead for a Dollar (2022) full movie online free 123movies: Veteran bounty hunter Max Borlund deep into Mexico where he encounters professional gambler and outlaw Joe Cribbens—a sworn enemy who Max sent to prison years before. Borlund is on a mission to find and return Rachel Kidd, the hostage wife of a wealthy Santa Fe businessman. Discovering that Mrs. Kidd has actually fled from an abusive marriage, Max is ultimately faced with a choice: finish the dishonest job he’s been hired to accomplish or stand aside while ruthless mercenary outlaws and his long-time rival close in... Max and his partner Alonzo Poe have nothing to gain if they resist— nothing save honour.

Dead for a Dollar full movie online

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